What is your house called?

House names for the southern part of Norsey View Drive

By Jim Devlin

Residents of the southern portion of Norsey View Drive can look up their house name on the map below.


A map printed in 1967 shows the house names for all houses from north of Tylers Avenue to Perry Street . On this map the house names are marked as numbers had yet to come to Norsey View Drive . This map predates the building of Buttesbury Junior School and you will notice that the now infants school is marked as Buttsbury Primary School .


Can you shed some light on other features of the map.

  • What are the buildings shown on the site of the junior school? Are they piggeries or stables?
  • Is the swimming pool, shown to the north west of the primary school, a private or public pool?
  • Is the Christ Church shown a former building?


Click on the map below for a larger version.

Photo:Perry Street/Norsey View Drive

Perry Street/Norsey View Drive

Ordinance Survey

This page was added by Jim Devlin on 16/09/2010.
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Nice to find out the name of my house. Thanks

By Anton
On 17/09/2010

We moved to Norsey View Drive in 1964, just off the map, the area where the Junior school is was a chicken and Pig farm as I remember being chased by some geese that were there. The swimming pool was a private one.

By Maeve Walmsley
On 08/11/2013

It is now clear that the church shown on the map is the present Christ Church.

By Jim Devlin
On 08/11/2013
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