The Mayflower Symbol

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Sailing for the New World

By Sylvia Kent

The Mayflower Ship Sails for the New World


The Mayflower symbol is well known worldwide as the ship which sailed from Plymouth in Devon with six Great Burstead residents on board. The manifest included the ship’s governor and victualler, Christopher Martin, his wife and two servants, plus two other single men. 

Martin is believed to have owned properties in the town of Billericay including the Chantry House at Nos 57-61 which still stands. It was here that the historians tell us that Martin and the Essex contingent met to pray and bid farewell to their friends and families before embarking on their 66-day journey that ended when they landed at Cape Cod in America.

A child was born on the voyage.  He was christened Oceanus Hopkins, and he thrived initially, but died before his seventh birthday.  Unfortunately, all the Great Burstead emigrants died even before leaving the ship and settling into their new land.

Many Essex folk followed those first Pilgrims, including Billericay residents, Ralph Hill and his son.  Their family name appears on the Legislature to form the new town of Billerica established on 23 May 1655.  Today several buildings and organisations both here and in Billerica, carry the Mayflower name and symbol.

Our town’s connections with America continue through our Twinning Associations with Billerica in Massachusetts and Fishers, Indiana.  We offer a warm welcome to our visitors from our twin towns.

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Thank you for this interesting page. I grew up in Billerica, Ma and we were taught about Billericay, England only two in the world. As girl scouts we had penpals in Billericay. I wish I could remember the name of mine. Someday I will visit Billericay, it has been my dream for a long time!!

By Beverly Wickson
On 16/01/2012

I lived and grew up in Billericay. Now my business regularly takes me to the US. Its quite fascinating travelling around Massachusetts and New England with Billerica, Chelmsford, Epping and Brentwood. Now I live 20 miles south of Manchester and our US business is based in Manchester New Hampshire.

By Phil Witcomb
On 23/01/2012


Ralph Hill was my 10th great grandfather. Our family has been trying for years to find his origins in Billericay. I was very thrilled to see this story. Unfortunately we have found no solid documented proof such as church records or passage records from England to Plymouth, Massachusetts. He is in Plymouth MA in 1638. This is the first record we can find of him in the New World. Could you please share with us the documentation of Ralph being in Billericay. Was he born there? Are there still family members there? Do you have any record of his first wife. He is in Plymouth with son Ralph and daughter Jane. We believe that his first wife is dead either in England, on the voyage or early in Plymouth. He is remarried in1638 in Plymouth to widow Margaret French Toothaker. They then move to Woburn Ma and on to settle Billerica. 

Ralph is also a great-grandfather of President George W. Bush Jr.

Thank you for any information that you may have.

Deborah Grundstrom

By Deborah Grundstrom
On 08/12/2014

Our class at school in1939 wrote to a school in Billerica and we did get replies, but before we could write back the war started. My reply came from Carl Metzler, i am not sure of the spelling now.

By Alfred Barnett
On 21/11/2015

I descend from Ralph Hill and my French paternal line via William French of Cambridge who removed to Billerica, MA. Ralph Hill refers to William French as "brother" in his will. I believe he was his brother in law. 

By brian french
On 17/07/2016
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