South Green Recreation Ground


By Robin Lockhart

I had many hours spent 'down the Rec'  Football, Cricket & Rounders,or on the roundabout, swings or slide. In the early fifties they even held the Carnival on the Rec, I don't know whether it was Billericay or South Green Carnival.

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I think the young boy with his tricycle by the swings is my youngest brother Terry Lockhart.

By Robin Lockhart
On 14/09/2012

Oh happy days! Health and Safety would have a fit if it was like this now. No cage at the top of the slide, no cushioned surface and a roundabout with open sides. But I do not remember any bad accidents. If I remember correctly, Billericay Carnival used to finish up on the field by the Archer Hall. South Green used to have a fete every year to raise funds for a hall. It was always well attended.

By Roy Tampkins
On 24/09/2012

Yes, it was me on that tricycle! I spent many happy hours on those swings too. Our dog even enjoyed using the slide. When the shelter was demolished I believe the playground equipment was relocated to the field inside Langham Crescent.

By Terry Lockhart
On 25/04/2014

Hi remember this  the equipment was moved to the Langham Crescent Playing field at the time alignment of Grange Road and Southend Road was changed to the present layout. Previously the Grange road was straight and went past Ben Curtis, the Green Grocers.  The present car park outside the fish shop used to be the road the building in the photograph would be sited in what is now the road. My sister Hazel Savage broke her leg on this roundabout once it had been re-sited at Langham Crescent. she used to sit on the middle post but on this day she caught her foot and ankle in the vertical spaces between the pivot casing and the central post. If you look carefully you can see a girl sitting on the middle of the roundabout in the photo.

I can remember two events at South Green. One time there were Bagpipers marching on the green and the other was to do with the South Green Memorial Hall and that they had just built some raised up buildings at the back of the hall. These were later incorporated into the main bulding either side of the Stage.


By Trevor Savage
On 05/05/2014

I broke my left elbow on this slide in 1959, when I was seven years old. I had sneaked out to the shops with older brother, having been told I couldn't go lol.

By Tony Stacey
On 23/07/2015