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Sylvia Hathaway, Jean England and John Baron M.P.

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Jean England talks about the Club

By Jim Devlin

Jean England, President of the Billericay Business and Professional Women talks about the club.

I first went there with a friend at the end of 2002 and decided to join in January 2003 and I really enjoy it very, very much.  I’ve made an awful lot of friends and I’ve learnt an awful lot of things about our founder and what the business women do. 

We actually do everything we can to help women achieve their potential. We try and help them along the way with their jobs and things like that and we also try to be friendly with each other.

We do a public speaking competition for children once a year. We have the Molly Perry awards which arenamed after one of our late members - she left some money and so we go to Billericay or Mayflower school and the girls tell us what they are going to do at University. Providing they are going to do engineering or medical ,things or something like that, to get them on we try to give them some money to buy text books and things like that.

We have boys too in the public speaking, since we amalgamated with the English Speaking Board. One team actually this year was all boys from the Grammar School in Colchester.

There is three clubs near us, we have a Colchester Club, a Norwich Club and a Billericay Club and we all try to support each other very much.  We have a London club as well and we all get together as often as we can and once a year we have an international candle lighting one evening or lunchtime when we invite friends and members etc and we light candles for every club all over the world because we are an international organisation. 

Quite a few of our members are going to a conference in May in Helsinki and we could go anywhere in the world.  The first person who started BPW was an American - Dr Lena Madison who was a very very nice person.


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